Tuesday, April 7, 2015

WM Entertainment Sets Debut Date for B1A4's Sisters

WM Entertainment finally announced that the much-awaited B1A4's sister group, Oh My Girl (OMG), will debut on April 20.

Last April 7, WM Entertainment released a statement about the company's very first girl's group debut: “On the 20th of this month, Oh My Girl will release their first mini album. They will begin with their debut showcase followed by their full scale group activities.”

Oh My Girl is an eight-member group composed of Mimi, A Rin, Jiho, Seung Hee, Jin E, Binnie, Hyo Jung and Yoo A. WM Entertainment also released a couple of teaser videos in their official YouTube channel and opened an Instagram account for the new group.

Check out the girls from one of their teaser videos below.