Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Park Si Hoo Watched the Last Episode of Alice in Cheongdam-dong with his Fans

Like what he usually does, Park Si Hoo watched the last episode of Alice in Cheongdam-dong with his fans. He's not the only actor who have done this but he's the only one who managed to make it a tradition in every finale of his drama. He started doing this since his drama Prosecutor Princess.

Last January 27, Park Si Hoo managed to keep his promise again and watched the last episode of his recently concluded drama with 250 fans from inside and outside of Korea in a theater. He also gave out presents to some of his lucky fans before the drama started.

In an interview with eNews, he was asked about the reason why he always watch the last episode of his every drama with his fans. He answered, "I've always done it because my fans like it. There's no special reason, it's just a promise I made to my fans."

He also added, "I'm sad that Alice in Cheongdam-dong is just a 16-episode drama. I will never forget it because I had a hard time filming in a very cold weather. I'm happy that my role had a happy ending with Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young).

Park Si Hoo will take a rest for now, and later talk about his next project with his agency.

Photo credits: StarN, Newsen.com

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