Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is Self Care?

Any daily activity that concerns about maintaining one's physical and mental health condition is considered as self care. It includes eating healthy foods, doing daily exercise, managing your stress, getting enough sleep, maintaining proper hygiene, and more. Even spending time with your loved ones, gardening, and engaging in social activities are examples of self care. It is something you can do with or without professional help as long as it is for the goodness of your well-being.

Aside from the simple activities that you do everyday, self care is also taking care of patients after they are discharged from the hospital or those who have been diagnosed with long term conditions. It may involve taking different kinds of medication or carefully planning a healthy diet. It can help you become both physically and mentally fit despite the ailment or condition that you may have.

Under certain conditions, self care needs support from health care experts and professionals. They can provide an individual with valuable information to enhance the self care that the latter is practicing. They can also give advices and tips on how to properly take control of one's health. They can help the individual in decision making as well.

Seeking for professional help to enhance self care is a decision that needs to be taken into careful consideration. You can ask for help from clinical social workers, general practitioners, pharmacists, psychotherapists, licensed counselors, and more. Discuss with them about your condition and create a plan on what you need to do to stay well.

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