Friday, September 13, 2013

The Sun Without Her Master?!

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Please Hong sisters, don't disappoint me! What happened to Big is enough. Please don't make the same mistake again. Not to Master's Sun!

I was totally hooked with Master's Sun from the very second I watched the show. The chemistry of the leads is overflowing. Gong Hyo Jin, as what So Ji Sub said in an interview, is the best actress for rom-com dramas, while Ji Sub oppa is very effective in his portrayal as the cold-hearted CEO of Kingdom. Now, as the romance between the two leads is on its peak, an unexpected turn of events happened last night. Our handsome CEO was stabbed and the next thing we saw was his ghost saying goodbye to our dear Taeyang. No! Not yet. I know he's not yet dead.

Master's Sun still has a lot of unresolved issues and killing one of the main characters won't do any good for the show. I might not watch the future dramas written by Hong sisters if ever they'll gonna kill So Ji Sub. Please, give that poor man a break! How many times did the writers kill him in his previous dramas? Three? Four? HA! He has been killed many times already. And please, don't give us an amnesia twist when he wakes up on the next episode, okay?