Saturday, December 1, 2012

Different Faces of Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki is one of those actors who can portray a wide variety of characters. He knows how to express different kinds of emotions; thus, showing his versatility as an actor. He's not only a good actor but also a good host. He was among the original cast of Running Man and has already hosted several music events.

Let's take a look at some of the notable characters he has played so far.

In Obstetrics & Gynecology Doctors, Song played the role of a young obstetrician who is desperate to get married. He always goes on blind dates in order to find a rich girl whom he can marry. He actually had a girlfriend who works as a nurse in the same hospital he is in. However, he broke up with her even if he truly loves her.

In the same year, he played as a dog lover in the movie Hearty Paws 2. He played the role of Dong Wook, who, after his dog had puppies, started to lose his focus on his studies. His mother decided to get rid of the dogs for the sake of her son.

On his first sageuk drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, he acted as Go Yong Ha. He is an intelligent scholar who is also popular with the ladies. He loves to tease and make fun of his fellow scholars. But despite of his playful attitude, he is someone whom you can trust and rely on. He is also willing to do anything to help his friends.

On his second hit sageuk drama, Tree With Deep Roots, he portrayed the role of King Sejong the Great. He received a lot of positive reviews regarding his performance which further solidify his status as a rising star. Many also believed that this drama was his ticket to bag the lead role of his latest drama, Nice Guy.

On his 2011 movie, Penny Pinchers, he played the role of Ji Woong, a college graduate who struggles to find a job. Even after graduating college, he still calls his mother for money. He is a happy-go-lucky guy who doesn't worry about his future, not until he met someone that will forever change his mindset about life.

This year, he portrayed a completely different character in the revenge melodrama Nice Guy. His role as Kang Maru made him one of the biggest stars of his generation today. In the drama, he is betrayed by his former girlfriend and vows for revenged when he was released from prison. On his revenge, he used a chaebol heiress as a pawn in his plans.

Also included on my list is his latest movie, Wolf Boy, which, until now, is breaking box office records. As of November 26, it already surpassed the 6 million mark and is expected to reach 7 million admissions. It has now become the most successful Korean melodrama of all time, and the third highest Korean top grosser of 2012. Song Joong Ki played the role of a werewolf who is befriended by a beautiful teenage girl.

Source: Wikipedia, Asianwiki

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  1. SOng Joong Ki is my favorite actor next to Park Si Hoo. <3