Sunday, October 28, 2012

Confession of Murder: Official Trailer with Behind-the-Scene Photos and Posters

Who would have thought a serial killer will be this hot? HA! The photos are from Park Shi Hoo's new movie, Confession of Murder (aka I Am a Murderer). It's an action thriller that tells about the story of a prolific serial killer, Lee Du Seok, in an eye-catching role. He publishes a penitence autobiography on his crimes, making himself a bestselling author and true crime celebrity after killing 10 people. He successfully evades capture for 15 years. He published his shocking autobiography after the statute of limitations expired.

Jung Jae-young also stars alongside Park Shi Hoo as the homicide detective. He plays the lead detective who is determined to capture Lee Du Seok and make him pay for all his crimes.

Confession of Murder will be released in theaters on November 8.

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