Friday, October 19, 2012

Arang and the Magistrate: A Sweet, Heartfelt Finale

The 20-episode fantasy-sageuk drama, Arang and the Magistrate, ended its story with a sweet kiss. Topbilled by Shin Min-ah and Lee Jun-ki, it depicts the story of a wandering ghost who, with the help of a magistrate, uncovers the mystery of her death. This couple is definitely one of the best pairs in the dramaland history. Their undeniable chemistry is visible throughout the whole show. 

On its last episode, Kim Eun-oh (Lee Jun-ki) helped Arang (Shin Min-ah) to find the real culprit of her death for her to be able to go to heaven. However, he found out that there would be no way for her to solve the problem. Upon knowing this, he went to see the Jade Emperor and Hades to strike a deal. He told them that he will go to hell in her place.

Little Arang talking to little Eun-oh.

Then some time in an unspecified future, a little boy and girl is seen talking on a field filled with flowers. The girl introduced herself as Arang. Oh, yes! They are reincarnated. However, it seems that the little Eun-oh forgot everything in the past. The little Arang burst out in frustration that Eun-oh has drunk the water from the well of forgetfullness. She heaves an adorable sigh and started narrating their story. Then, the scene shifts to the adult Eun-oh and Arang. She continues to rant in frustration about how Eun-oh forgotten everything about them and how she strictly instructed him before not to drink from the well. He stares at her and finally said, "What’s most important is this moment right now." She then smiles, and plants a kiss on him.

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