Thursday, October 25, 2012

Uhm Force Strikes Again

Is this the reason why Uhm Tae Woong is still single up to these days? Oh man! This guy surely doesn't know how to rest. HA! After the success of his drama The Equator Man and his two films ("Never Ending Story" and "Architecture 101") this year, he's now currently filming a new movie with a working title "The Dog" (It will probably be released early next year). Aside from a movie, he is also set to headline a new drama next year. 

According to some sources, he is considering the drama favorably. The project is a historical drama that will focus on the life of the famous Admiral Yi Sun-shin, who is a naval commander and national hero from the Joseon Dynasty. 

Admiral Yi Sun-shin is a highly-respected military strategist who defeated the Japanese army with just 13 ships against 300. He’s probably the most famous and beloved war hero throughout the Korean history. Since Uhm Tae Woong has experience doing sageuk, I'm convinced that the role suits him.

Yi Sun-shin will set its premiere on SBS probably sometime in June 2013. Tae Woong's leading lady and the rest of the cast has not yet decided.

Source: Star News

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